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If you wish to increase your sales ten times, opt for creative carousel ads.

A user-friendly format:

 Carousel Post is a distinctive and are much attractive than other formats. Due to its consumer-centrist approach, creative carousel ads are popular on Instagram and Facebook.

Carousel ads meaning wherein you can combine multiple photos or videos in a single ad and start the brand promotion.

The striking and captivating ads result in better lead generation for the brand. Interestingly, Facebook carousel ads are much more responsive than the standard sponsored posts or the campaign run from the brand pages.

Opt for Creative carousel ads:

It can be your solution if you belong to apparel, retail, beauty, real estate or a lifestyle brand. For such industries, Facebook carousel ads are your go-to option.

Facebook carousel ads are a successful marketing approach which allows the brand to communicate effectively. Similarly, you can explore Instagram Carousel Ads to drive effective results.

A carousel post has 72% higher CTR or Click-through-rate in comparison to any other promotional campaign.

Benefits of Carousel posts:

If used and optimized properly, Facebook Carousel ads and Instagram Carousel ads can be much more beneficial.

  • With multiple visuals, Facebook carousel ads let your audience scroll through images.
  • Facebook carousel ad examples include running a sales offer, highlighting benefits or client testimonials.
  • Instagram Carousel ads also allow a consumer to engage with the brand as the content will be the best from the lot. It will highlight the brand and its services.
  • The carousel post is shown only to the specific and correct audience, which makes it a cost-effective technique for the content you have produced.

A Facebook carousel ads size is 1:1 ratio or 600X600 pixel. Find out a reason to start the campaign, be versatile in your approach and select the carousel ad. 90 characters chosen should be such that the communication is clear.

Lastly, note a Facebook carousel ads headline should not be more than 40 characters.


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